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Flamenco People

Many people from SIMS and CS at UC Berkeley have contributed to the Flamenco project:

    Brycen Chun implemented a browser for assigning metadata to categories.

    Ame Elliott interviewed target users and designed and evaluated early paper prototypes.

    Jennifer English designed prototypes, brought the SPIRO data into the schema, edited and organized the metadata terms, and developed and conducted the user studies.

    Marti Hearst is the professor leading the research project.

    Kevin Li implemented many interface design features, implemented a baseline system for comparison purposes, added many new instances, and contributed to the design and conduction of the longitudinal study.

    Rashmi Sinha guided the design of some of the user studies and conducted the statistical analysis of some of the study data.

    Kirsten Swearingen tested and documented the interfaces, developed and conducting user studies, and edited and organized metadata.

    Ka-Ping Yee designed the software architecture, devised the database schema, designed some of the interface features, and implemented the software.

Everyone has contributed suggestions and design ideas for the interface.